Putting aside momentarily the fact I have always been about the music itself, everything that I create is the result of a deep exploration of sound and reflections on life. 

I can look back wistfully to my days of first discovering old school raves and early 90’s House music during the early 2000s and think 'Damn! That was such a good time of my life!' Living in the 90s as a child, and as an adult wishing I could have experienced peak UK rave culture, I have always longed for a time I never fully experienced at it’s prime. More importantly though, being connected to rave culture more than club culture meant I got to experience a feeling of PLUR. Family. Acceptance. A safe space to be myself: a musical, happy, neon-dressed cat. To take in an epic variety of music, regardless of genre.

Part of me wanted to immortalise these early rave experiences, so nearly 10 years ago saw the birth of Lauren Neko. I wasn’t sure I would always run around wearing neon or cat ears, but I wanted Neko, the playful happy neon raver cat, to be ever present. As more time has passed, I’ve realised that a key part of being myself as an artist also comes with the explosion of colour. I love to make people feel alive, energised, engaged. I love creating a space that allows room for self love - even for the darker parts we don’t spend a lot of time with.   

I hope my music, in whatever form it takes on, moves you in some way, and makes you feel like being yourself - come play with me soon!