LUV’d Up - lauren Neko’s UV sound system

LUV’D UP breathes UV colour and music into any dark space. Lauren Neko is the Diva, DJ and soul of her UV Sound System - co-creating an ultraviolet stage spectacle with Jeremy Goldfinch (bass) and Cameron Bury (drums) and GAAB (Sax), and other guest performers.

Lauren Neko and LUV’D UP deliver a neon show tailoring to those who want to experience dance music in a live format. Expect to hear a vocal homage to house, disco, nu-disco, UK garage and other dance-floor classics, plus Lauren Neko’s original upcoming and released music.

Festival and event highlights have included VIVID Festival, ‘LUV PARADE’ at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and Factory Theatre for Big Fish Little Fish with Kid Kenobi.

Every show from LUV’D UP is unique because each audience member helps to co-create the fun luvin’ atmosphere! This crew LUV a good dress up - so dare to be your most outrageous self!

LUV’D UP can be anything from a trio to a full-scope production - so get in touch to see how LUV’D UP can bring the vibes to your event!

Lauren Neko performing 'Ain't Nobody' LIVE @ VIVID Sydney 2018 Musicians: Jeremy Goldfinch (Bass) Cameron Bury (Drums) GAAB (Sax)

My Body Came Here to Dance

Release Date: 21.9.18
Performed LIVE @ VIVID Sydney 2018

Give It Back To You - Single From Lauren Neko's forthcoming album 'Spaces in the Dark.'