The DJing Diva.
Or is that the Singing DJ?
Maybe the rave conductor?
Rainbow cat?
You decide! -
Lauren Neko
  Heaven on the Harbour NYE 2017: Cruise Bar, Sydney

Heaven on the Harbour NYE 2017: Cruise Bar, Sydney

Vocalist and Topline writer

Known for her dynamic voice and impressive vocal range, Lauren has been a vocalist, producer and performing artist for over a decade.

As a featured topline vocalist, some of her career highlights include working with Roni Size, Nicky Romero, being featured on Ministry of Sound with Mobin Master. She has been featured on scores of compilations and nearly 20 Single/EP releases.

Performance highlights include featured headliner at VIVID Festival (Sydney), The Great Gatsby (Presented by Beyond Cinema, Sydney), Heaven on the Harbour NYE (Sydney) Feature vocalist at Hed Kandi (Ibiza), featured live with Russell Morgan of K-Klass (Bristol, UK), in support of and alongside Kid Kenobi (BFLF, Sydney), Brisfest (Bristol, UK), , Fantazia (Birmingham, UK) Harbourside Festival (Bristol, UK), singing in support for DJ Pierre (Bath, UK) as stage MC, DJ and Vocalist at Art Not Apart (Canberra, AU).

THe diva come DJ

Lauren’s true appreciation of the DJ and dance music was ignited when attending an old school 90’s House Anthems party in 2004. Until this pivotal moment and turning point in her life, Lauren had found the previous decade or so of dance lack-luster. Rediscovering early 90’s dance classics; House in all its soulful, acid, deep, rave, and broken-beat facets; was truly inspirational - and the gateway to more than a decade long dance music vocation. 

As the career vocalist who journeyed through many genres of music as a performer, producer, and topline writer, Lauren had to ride the coattails of whichever DJ she was second to. Lauren jumped into DJing to cement her own sound and to take her audiences on the same feel-good journey she always chases as a listener. Lauren now creates a full live UV Sound System experience so the audience can also visually interact with soul and sound of dance music.

Be it her original music, carefully selected tracks, or the classic-vocals she sings live through her sets, you will always feel the grit and soul of that pinnacle decade of dance. Whilst House music is her domain, ultimately hot grooves and banging vocals will drive her sets, regardless of BPM or genre. She is partial playing to all forms of House, Nu-Disco, Garage, Electronica, Funk, Soul, and almost anything else that goes.