spaces in the dark - LIVE UV sound system

Lauren Neko brings to life her upcoming album to "Spaces in the Dark" -  for an ultraviolet stage spectacle with Jeremy Goldfinch (bass) and Cameron Bury (drums) and GAAB (Sax).

The neon-stage show is a vocal homage to classic dance, and an engaging visual performance. Expect a host of catchy originals and reinvigorated dance-floor classics. 

Lauren Neko performing 'Ain't Nobody' LIVE @ VIVID Sydney 2018 Musicians: Jeremy Goldfinch (Bass) Cameron Bury (Drums) GAAB (Sax)

My Body Came Here to Dance

Release Date: 21.9.18
Performed LIVE @ VIVID Sydney 2018

Give It Back To You - Single From Lauren Neko's forthcoming album 'Spaces in the Dark.'