Lauren Neko is a vocalist, DJ and creator of music, who is looking beyond the formula of the club-driven, dance music arena. Repeatedly falling in back in love with electronic sounds from the 90’s, the music that moves her is anything that combines groove-centred electronic music with live vocal and instrumental elements.

Known for her club-anthem voice and talent, Lauren Neko resisted learning to mix as she wanted to focus on singing and production. Eventually she found DJing was another avenue to connect with her audiences and to work both her voice and the sounds she loves into her performances. 

  • As a lyricist, Lauren reflects mostly upon the complexities of her own internal world, in such a way that many can relate back to their own unique thoughts, emotions and experiences.
  • As a live performer, she allows herself to get dissolved by whatever the music of the moment lends herself to as a singer, DJ and instrumentalist. 
  • As a writer and producer, she pulls together the best electronic and live artists to experiment and enjoy the process of creation, just as much as the outcome.





Lauren Neko's sound and delivery is direct, yet intriguing. Her international recording and performance career has brought her across Australia, UK and Europe.


Lauren feels at home in House Music, creating and releasing music with many European and Australian artists. Top releases include the track ‘I Found You’ with Mobin Master, which featured on Ministry of Sound Housexy. EDM star Nicky Romero also remixed one of her more sultry vocal creations.


Spending three years in Bristol and entrenched in the UK sound enabled Neko to explore a style darker and more revealing. Neko has worked alongside Drum and Bass icon Roni Size, supported international star DJ Pierre and performed with House legends K-Klass. Notable events include playing at super club Hed Kandi in Ibiza and UK festivals Brisfest and Fantasia.


Now based in Sydney, Lauren is currently signed to a UK label called Slime Recordings, which itself is going through a metamorphosis. Lauren will be releasing a solo-electronic album later in 2017.


Whilst Lauren’s existing catalogue of music reflects music tailored more towards the nightclubs, her upcoming collaborations incorporate multi-instrument arrangements – opening up her sound to a wider, and possibly more discerning audience. Lauren particularly believes that music should go far beyond the bar and the dance floor. Music has a place in our homes, community, and in that time or place whenever one needs that ‘extra something,’ to keep their life moving forward in a positive direction.


Lauren Neko: DJ

Surprisingly, Lauren Neko resisted learning to mix for some years as she wanted to focus on singing and production. Finding song writing her passion but producing somewhat isolating, DJing was another avenue to connect with her audiences and to work both her voice and the sounds she loves into her performances. 

Lauren mixes mostly in the House Music domain, going for groove-centric tracks and performing live, tasteful vocal toplines.

Genres you would expect to hear are House in it's classic/deep/tech/acid facets, and some Garage and Electronica.

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