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Career House Music vocalist Lauren Neko is an artist challenging the role of the DJ driving the dancefloor. Lauren weaves her vocals through her DJ performances, often featuring other live talented instrumentalists. 2017 sees the launch of her first solo album and UV electronic band experience: ‘Spaces in the Dark.’






Topline Writer and Recording Artist


Lauren has a voice that can be subtle and haunting, or one that is powerful enough to shake your soul. Whilst her writing style tends to strike a balance between both the soft and the dynamic, many ears appreciate her diverse vocal offering. 

Lauren is a song-writer and producer in her own right, but enjoys the collaborative process much more than being at it alone. Lauren has worked with some amazing professionals in her time as a topline writer, catering to the track/long-play sound being developed by the producer. Being trained in sound engineering, she is able to offer high quality recordings for any artist, as well as valuable input on the arrangement and mix of a track. 

As a featured recorded vocalist, some of her career highlights include working with Roni Size, Nicky Romero, and being featured on Ministry of Sound with Mobin Master.


Live Vocalist

Lauren has been seen behind many DJ Booths and stages of all kinds globally as a complementary addition to live DJ sets.

Performance highlights include singing at Hed Kandi in Ibiza with Levi 5star, with Russell Morgan of K-Klass (Bristol, UK), in support of and alongside Kid Kenobi (BFLF, Sydney), Brisfest (Bristol, UK), Fantazia(Birmingham, UK) Harbourside Festival (Bristol, UK), singing in support for DJ Pierre (Bath, UK)as stage MC/DJ and Vocalist at Art Not Apart (Canberra, AU), and the opening party of The Little Red Door (Adelaide, AU).

 DJ Lauren neko

Lauren is not a cheap-thrills or 'Beatport-top-100' type of DJ. Instead she digs for music old and new, to play groove-centred tracks and anything that has some originality or soul. Lauren weaves live vocals into her sets: playing her own original songs, adding harmonic layers to existing tunes, or reimagining classic toplines over contemporary tracks. This way, she takes her audiences on a journey that is both fresh yet familiar.

Genres you would expect to hear are House in it's Classic, Deep, and Acid facets. On occasion, some Garage, Tech-House and Electro-House will slip into her sets. Lauren is also partial to delivering a live vocal anthems set for the right audience. 

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 Lauren Neko Presents 'Spaces In the dark'

UV Electronic Band

September saw the debut of Lauren's live act and album showcase 'Spaces in the Dark' - an immersive dance floor experience. Lauren has crafted an ultraviolet stage presentation of House, UKG, and recreated dance classics. As both the brains, vocalist and DJ behind this visually invigorating show, Jeremy Goldfinch (bass) and Cameron Bury (drums) provide additional energy and drive to the performance experience. 

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Rhythm is a duo

'Acoustic 90s and 00s Dance Classics, Reimagined.'


If the 90s was the ‘decade of love’, the new Millennium was all about the 2’s: Lauren Neko and Sudeep Rao have come together to present to you, 'Rhythm is a Duo.' 

Lauren Neko is a seasoned electronic vocal artist and DJ; and Sudeep Rao is a guitarist, pianist and all-round nice guy. Their acoustic take on vocal dance music anthems, club classics and select electronica tunes of the 90s and early 00’s will transport you back to an easier time – sans embarrassing scrunchies and snap pants! 

Expect to hear classic artists such as La Bouche, Jam and Spoon, Corona, Massive Attack, Everything But the Girl, Culture Beat, Techtronic, 2-Unlimited, Dee Lite, Baby D, Livin Joy, Strike, Frankie Knuckles, Basement Jaxx, Moloko, DB Boulevard, Kings of Tomorrow, Madison Avenue … and many more!

Rhythm is a Duo is the perfect accompaniment to your rooftop event or poolside soiree; weekend or sunset session; corporate function, private party or bar entertainment; or for those wishing to have a nostalgia trip without the hassle of going to a nightclub. 

Bookings can be made via @evententertainers on facebook, or via the bookings tab at the top of this page.



* Birthdays  * Gallery/Exhibitions * Product Launch * Venue Activation * Company Function * Private Parties *

Each event is different, and requires an understanding of your audience. Lauren aims for a tasteful selection of music, that builds interest without detracting from the atmosphere or conversation you wish to create. Unless of course, you want a more music-dominating experience! Lauren will happily get on board with any theme you wish, ensuring both her attire and music suit the occasion!

" Whilst a tragic top-40/90's dominated set list can bring out the inner twerker in anyone who's had alcohol on constant supply, I would love to work with you to create something more classy and memorable - for the right reasons!" Lauren







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Most of Lauren's music is available via all standard streaming and purchasing channels such as itunes, spotify, beatport, juno etc. Here is a small sample of soundcloud links for you to have a listen. 









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